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Measuring our reading progress


The Volunteer State Book Awards 

The VSBAs are a students’ choice award!

Read at Least three books in your grade level category and you can vote for the State book award!

Books in the Bond Library 

For Teachers  -

book the library for your class or advisory 

Reading By The Foot


On September 19, we will hold our first Reading By The Foot session in advisory.  


Just a few guidelines:


  • Everyone in the room, including the advisor(s), should be reading a physical book or a dedicated reader (Kindle, Nook, Kobo - nothing with messaging, alerts, etc.).

  • The book must not be a book assigned for class.  The point is to be reading for pleasure or enrichment, not homework.

  • The book may be in a student’s native language. 

  • Graphic novels are okay so long as – at some point in the year – students try something else

The Webb School Library and Archives Phone: 931-389-5758