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Senior Year

Rites of Passage

Class of 2017





Senior Luncheon

May 18, 2017

12:15 - 1:45 p.m.

Alumni Center





Ray Broadhead



Beef Tenderloin

Baked Potatoes

Green Beans


Caesar Salad

Cheesecake with Assorted Toppings


2017 Class Agent/s

Introduction to Alumni Life, Curtis Jenkins '92

Alumni Gift to Seniors

Final Senior Checklist

International Students, Please See Mrs. Harris ASAP regarding your I-20



Baccalaureate, Class Photo, Graduation



Baccalaureate - 9 a.m. - Tent
Class Photo - 10 a.m. - Junior Room
Graduation - 11 a.m. - Tent

I started collecting pictures from various schools with unique graduation dress [not cap & gown] like Webb.  

I began curating the pictures on a  Pinterest Board .
Here is a description of the traditional Webb Dress for commencement.
Young Ladies:  For Baccalaureate, graduates may wear a dress other than their white graduation dress.  These dresses should be tasteful and appropriate for the occasion.  This is not a party or social event, and I hope that all young ladies will be respectful of the event in their choice of dress.  The same is true for the white graduation dress.   Additionally, there are times when the weather can be cooler, and a white button up sweater/shrug may be needed.  Dress shoes or dress sandals are also part of the outfit.  Each female graduate will be given a Webb graduates’ necklace at graduation rehearsal which they are encouraged to wear.


Young Gentlemen:  Most males wear the same outfit for both ceremonies - school blazer, white dress shirt, khaki pants, proper shoes, and socks.  In addition, each graduate will be given a special graduates’ tie the day before graduation.  We would like all males to wear this tie for the graduation ceremony and the class picture.



Graduation Speech
If you are interested in speaking at Graduation please submit a written speech to Mrs. Little by April 25th.  Any Senior may submit a speech.    [A selected committee of advisers and students will choose the student graduation speaker]
The speech can be approximately 5 minutes long and can be read instead of memorized.  Here are graduation videos from previous years.
Here is a link to all of the finalists from last year  - Zoe Speer was the final choice for the class of 2016

Details coming soon




Senior Project Page

Ming Zhong


Jake Smithson


Zoe Burst


Rohan Kaza


Tobiaz King


Alex Wang


Garth McIntosh


Katie Breiding


Cameron Minnis


Wes Watson


Bailey Dornisch


Alyss Masundire


Pierce Matthews


Andrey Shults


Katherine McMahan


Aubrey Speer


Flora Seo


Sarah Stewart


Chris Watts


April 8 - PROM 

PROM April 8th at the Ruby in Nashville 
LOCATION:  Ruby: 2411 Blakemore Ave., Nashville, TN. 
TIME:  Prom starts at 7:30 p.m., senior presentations begin at 8:00 p.m. 

Parking Information:

Location: The Ruby is located at 2411 Blakemore Ave., Nashville, TN 37212, in Hillsboro Village across from  Vanderbilt University. 


Senior presentation8 PM -- parents are welcome to attend

Parking:  Because Blakemore Ave., is a busy street, there is no off-loading, pick up of guests, or stopping for any reason  in front of the Ruby. When you arrive, a parking director will direct you to the adjacent designated school parking lot. 

****All parking and unloading of limos MUST occur in the school parking lot.***

Gifts for the Senior Room

Ceiling Fan and Table

Class of 2017


1. Leaving first in Chapel
2. Senior Table in the Dining Hall
3. Wearing college sweatshirts over uniform throughout the day on Wednesdays
4. Jeans or other pants in good repair (No rips or tears, NOT leggings) can be worn with Senior Blazers on Fridays
5. Seniors can leave campus in a vehicle during the academic day under two conditions: a) Ms. James has received permission from your parents by phone, text or email that you are allowed to leave campus in a vehicle during the academic day.  She must receive permissions PRIOR to you taking this privilege and b) your academic commitments like class, club, Chapel, and Afternoon Enrichment, are not compromised in any way.
6. Off-campus trip for boarding seniors each Wednesday night first come, first serve and limited to 14 to the Avenues, Thompson Ln, Cathay, or any other restaurant or shopping destination in Shelbyville or Murfreesboro.  Sign ups for the trip will take place at the beginning of dinner so all can check in.  Location will be determined by majority vote of those going on the trip. 
Traditional Webb Dress for Senior Blazer Day and Practice
White Oxford Shirt
Khaki Bottoms - [girls may wear slacks or skirts, skirts at an appropriate length w/tights; boys please wear pants, no shorts]
Black or Navy tights for the girls
Remember to wear understated shoes
Wednesday (11/16) Loveless Photography will be here to take the formal Senior Pictures.
In order for you to be able to take your picture please call and arrange an appointment with Loveless (615) 890-1558 



The Webb School Library and Archives Phone: 931-389-5758