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Links for Teaching and Learning November / December 2017


Volume 1, Issue 4                                                                                                   November / December 2017

Shortest Quarter of the Century :)

For Webb Faculty: Celebrate the freedom and opportunity that comes with the ability to design and carry out a robust, rich, “independent” curriculum.

Happy Holidays!


Wanted to Invite Faculty to read for pleasure over the Holiday break.  Here are just a few of the newly released books on our shelves.  Ask Hannah for a recommendation. 


Also, don't hesitate to make a request.  This is a community library!

YA Books - What the kids are reading

Fiction Adult Bestsellers

Non-Fiction Adult Bestsellers

Education Best Practices

LR and I had a discussion about Fake News, Editorial control, and of course, Propaganda in light of his recent Library/Archives project.  

The "Fake News" phenomenon has been overworked in the library profession, however, I tripped over an article in ProQuest about the "Flipside of Fake News ... Responsible Journalism"

Check out the ProQuest blog and The JSTOR daily for in-depth articles on current topics.

Articles - Issues and Concerns

In the News

In The News

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