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Element Project

The Project


Side #1 – Symbol and Name:

1. Symbol of your element (make this large on your cube).

2. Name of the element.

Side #2 – Images:

You must have at least three pictorial representations of your element.   One picture should be the shell pattern of electrons (orbital diagram) that you draw. The other two are your choice. Pictures may be printed out from the Internet or photocopied (you should make them small so they fit on the cube). Important: You must place a caption under each photo. The caption for shell pattern of electrons should say, “Shell pattern of electrons for (name of your element).”

Side #3 –Physical & Chemical Properties of _______________:


State of matter at room temperature: 


Melting point: 

Boiling point: 




How reactive is it? (Will it combine with other elements?)

Side #4 – Periodic Table Information:

Atomic Number: 

Atomic Mass: 

Type of Element: (metal/nonmetal/semi)

Period (energy level of valence electrons): 

Group Number: 

Name the family to which your element belongs:

Side #5 – About _____________:

Provide background history of your element. Who discovered or first identified your element? What country? When? 


Where is your element found and how is it obtained? How is your element separated from other materials found with it?

Side #6 – Uses of _____________:

How and where is your element used? Where do you “bump into” your element in everyday life? (either in its pure form, in compound form, or in mixture form)


Color for the element cubes:

Color paper     Atomic # 

Pink         1, 6-9, 15-17, 34-35, 53  


Yellow         21-30, 39-48, 72-80, 104-113, 115-118 


Green         5, 14, 32-33, 51-52, 85 


Orange     13, 31, 49-50, 81-84, 114 


Purple         3, 11, 19, 37, 55, 87 


Blue         2, 10, 18, 36, 54, 86 


Black         4, 12, 20, 38, 56, 88 


Red         57-71, 89-103 (Lact & Act Series)

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