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Seniors 2022

Class Of

Senior Important Dates:

  • Aug 16   First Day of School 
    • Senior Sunrise 6:06 am dining hall patio [optional]
    • Senior Summit [C and D periods in the Library]
  • Oct 14-15   Fall Break-No Classes
  • TBA - Fall Senior Research Field Trip
  • November 9, 2021,  Senior Practice & Portraits 
  • November  15, 2021, Senior Blazer Day 
  • Nov 20-28*   Thanksgiving Break-No Classes 
  • Dec 18-Jan 3*   Christmas Break-No Classes      
  • Mar 26-Apr 3*   Spring Break-No School 
  • TBA - Spring Capstone Project 
  • April 15-18   Easter Break-No Classes   
  • April 23   Junior & Senior Class Prom  
  • May 2-13   AP Exams  
  • May 20   Senior Luncheon/Chapel  
  • May 21-27   Senior Survival  
  • May 28*   Baccalaureate & Graduation   

  *Dormitories are closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break  

  *Dormitories will close for Seniors at 5 pm May 28


Senior Class Officers

  • Class President of the Senior Class and Student Council Rep - Andrew Lawson
  • Vice President of the Senior Class [VP]  Zoë Nicholson
  • Secretary of the Senior Class   --- Johnathon Savage and Lola Reyes
  • Treasurer of the Senior Class ---  Coleton Pedigo

Student Council Rep   - Helen Allison

Student Council Rep - Ari Cook 

Duties of the Senior Class Officers


Presides over meetings of the Sr. class

Calls special meetings of the Sr. class

Maintains contact with the Lead adviser and the Dean of Students Office

Represents the Senior Class to the School Administration

Vice President  

Assumes the duties of the President in his or her absence

Works with the President to organize Senior Privileges

Organizes end-of-year celebrations 

Secretary / *Class Agent

Keeps contact information for all members of the Sr class

Maintains communication with class for special Senior class events?

Works with other officers [especially the treasurer] to organize the Senior Class Gift

Treasurer  / *Class Agent

 Serves as the primary on Senior financial accounts

Advises members on financial matters (i.e. vendors, ticket selling procedures)

Coordinates Fundraising drive

Works with other officers to organize the Senior Class Gift

Student Council Reps (2 plus class president)

Represents the Senior Class to the School's Student Council

[Student Council meets during club time]

One rep is dedicated to service and the other to school spirit 

Senior Privileges

Class of 2022

  • Approved Senior Privileges for 2021-22

  • Seniors are excused from chapel first. 

  • Senior boarders may have unlimited leaves on the weekends if they are in good academic standing. 

  • Seniors may wear jeans day apparel under their senior blazers on Fridays, as long as they follow jeans day guidelines. 

  • Seniors may have a senior skip day, as long as it is good taste, has advance planning, and communication with the student affairs office is clear.  The student affairs office must clear and approve the day.  

  • Seniors may leave campus during the academic day during a free period if the free period is on either side of the lunch block.  Seniors must sign out and back in correctly with Ms. James.  Seniors must have the particular permission form signed by their parents and on file.  

  • Seniors may wear hoodies, as long as they are in good taste and have on the proper shirt underneath. 

  • Seniors may have a senior week as long they coordinate it with the student affairs office. 

  • The student affairs office will cater one lunch at an agreed-upon place for the senior class before the end of April.

Senior Blazer Day

Senior Blazer portraits 

  • White Oxford Shirt
  • Khaki Bottoms - [girls may wear pants or skirts, skirts at an appropriate length w/tights; boys please wear pants, no shorts]
  • Black or Navy tights for the girls if you wear a skirt
  • Remember to wear understated shoes [black, brown, navy, tan, or other neutral colors]
  • Gentlemen remember to be clean-shaven

Senior Portraits

See your proofs email - 
Give your name and email


Smilestone Photography will make Senior Blazer Portraits on November 9, 2021, at Webb
11:00 AM to 12:40 PM  [We will have lunch in the library]
Wear  -- Khaki bottoms, White Oxfords, no shorts, black or navy tights with skirts 
Seniors Design a Full-Page in the Yearbook



Digital Photos

To purchase prints -

Tickets:  Click Here

Limited Custom T-Shirts Form

Venue:  The Walnut House in Historic Downtown Murfreesboro, TN

Time:  Prom starts at 7 pm and Senior Presentations begin at 7:30 p.m. 

If your date is not a Webb student - Outside Guest Form

Music playlist ideas FORM
Do you need a corsage or boutonnière?
 email Ms. James

Graduation Announcements

Josten's Online Ordering

Invitations / Announcements

Baccalaureate and Graduation Time:   

Baccalaureate 9 a.m.

Group Photo 10 a.m.

Graduation 11 a.m

Graduation Place:  319 Webb Road East Bell Buckle, Tennessee

School Name: The Webb School

Graduation Date: May 28, 2022


You are not required to purchase through Jostens

Graduation Speech
If you are interested in speaking at Graduation please submit a written speech to Ms. Little by April 2.  Any Senior may submit a speech.    [A selected committee of advisers and students will choose the student graduation speaker]
The speech can be approximately 5 minutes long and can be read instead of memorized.  Here are graduation videos from previous years.

Senior Survival

Senior Survival Video #1:

Topic: Itinerary/Checking Out Gear 

Release Date: April 18th 


Senior Survival Video #2:

Topic: Choosing Gear

Release Date: May 1st
























Baccalaureate and Graduation

Baccalaureate and Graduation Time:   

Baccalaureate 9 a.m.

Group Photo 10 a.m.

Graduation 11 a.m

Graduation Place:  319 Webb Road East Bell Buckle, Tennessee

School Name: The Webb School

Graduation Date: May 28, 2022


Here is a description of the traditional Webb Dress for commencement.

Young Ladies:  For Baccalaureate, graduates may wear a dress other than their white graduation dress.  These dresses should be tasteful and appropriate for the occasion.  This is not a party or social event, and I hope that all young ladies will be respectful of the event in their choice of dress.  The same is true for the white graduation dress.   Additionally, there are times when the weather can be cooler, and a white button up sweater/shrug may be needed.  Dress shoes or dress sandals are also part of the outfit.  Each female graduate will be given a Webb graduates’ necklace at graduation rehearsal which they are encouraged to wear.


Young Gentlemen:  Most males wear the same outfit for both ceremonies - school blazer, white dress shirt, khaki pants, proper shoes, and socks.  In addition, each graduate will be given a special graduates’ tie the day before graduation.  We would like all males to wear this tie for the graduation ceremony and the class picture.

We started collecting pictures from various schools with unique graduation dress [not cap & gown] like Webb.  

See this  Pinterest Board .



The Webb School Library and Archives Phone: 931-389-5758