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Links for Teaching and Learning September 2017


Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                                  September 2017

Meetings, Mentors, and Millennials 

For Webb Faculty: Celebrate the freedom and opportunity that comes with the ability to design and carry out a robust, rich, “independent” curriculum.

Resources For Teachers

Teaching Apps

Apps for Meeting 

Edu Buzzwords

Edu Buzzwords

Knowledge Quest Article

Good Stuff From Social Media

Alum @katie_jones0305 on reading ・・・ "Reading one book is like eating one potato chip" -Diane Duane

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Education Best Practices

 Best Practices

Meetings can't live with them! ... Can't live without them?


The debate of the Millennial 

Millennials (ages 18-35) are the largest generation in history, numbering approximately 92 million (compared to 77 million baby boomers or 61 million Generation X). Fifty-three percent already have children.  (Thickstun)  

Thickstun, Karen. "It's all your business: re-defining word-of-mouth.American Music Teacher, Aug.-Sept. 2016, p. 42+

Until the 1990s, generations were thought by most people to span about 20 years, and labeling a generation with a catchy name usually meant that the cohort represented some major demographic trend. (Singham)

Singham, Mano. "More Than 'Millennials': Teachers Must Look Beyond Generational Stereotypes.The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11 Oct. 2009.

Articles by Discipline

Articles by Discipline

Have you thought about working with a student teacher or mentoring a new teacher?


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Laboratory experiences for prospective science teachers: A meta-analytic review of issues and concerns
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Thinking like a historian: developing disciplinary literacy in history among middle school struggling readers
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Heidi O'Hanley.Arts & Activities.

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